Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lost and Found Eco Lodge

I left Panama City a few days ago, I left with two Canadian girls that I met at Luna's Castle, they were super friendly and it was nice to have some company on my road trip to David. We took a $15 bus, which was very nice and clean, 7 hours later I arrived in David, where I took another bus towards Bocas Del Toro. Half way to Bocas I was dropped off in the middle of the highway, where I then had to hike up 20 minutes with my huge backpack! I was then greeted by all the warm friendly people at the lodge, who are either guest, staff or volunteers. Let me begin by saying that the Lost and Found feels like home and that's a gross understatement. I consider the definition of home to be a place where you feel most at ease, and already this is the only thing in my life that truly provides that kind of catharsis. I love the location, the atmosphere and the people involved in it. There are so many people involved- foreigners and Panamanians. It is truly magical. I am falling in love with it as each day goes by, the views are amazing, I feel like I can stay here forever!

Friends, It´s hard to get to a computer or phone. It is a 20 minute hike then a 30 minute bus ride to the closest village. I will do my best to keep this updated as much as I can. Today I wasn´t able to upload my photos but will try my best to do so this week! There are many great photos I want to share, so keep a lookout!

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