Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Living in the Twilight Zone

The past several days have felt like living in a Rod Serling narrated otherworld. After my first two flight delays, I felt like I was never leaving New York. I was scheduled to fly out Saturday night, from NYC, to Florida, to Panama City. Due to mother nature, it decided to snow in OCTOBER! Can I say again sNoW in "October" on my last day here, Ugggg just my luck :(.

None the less, I managed to get on a flight to Fort Lauderdale Monday night. I met a nice guy at the gate, who was also traveling alone in Central America. We chatted for a bit exchanged travel tips, plans, experiences. It's funny how things like that happen, random encounters which in turn make trips that much more memorable..

- My trip would not be a trip without a few minor bumps in the road!

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