Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Caribbean “Rice & Beans”

Puerto Viejo is a nice little seaside town. The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is quite a bit different than the Pacific side. Here the music is mostly reggae, the people are darker and there are way more dreadlocks!

One of the local staples they simply call “rice and beans".

The ticos on the Caribbean coast prepare food differently from the rest of Costa Rica by cooking with coconut milk, curry, and ginger. In addition to Caribbean-style food, you can find a wealth of international fusion flavors in Puerto Viejo.
Rice and Beans – rice and beans cooked with coconut milk and spices is the perfect accompaniment to Caribbean Chicken.
Ron Dom – sopa de mariscos (seafood soup) prepared with coconut milk.
Pan Bom – dry chocolate bread cake.
Patí – spicy beef empanadas.


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