Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Costa Rican Slang: Pachuco y Tiquismos

Hanging out with the locals has made one thing for sure - I've learned a ton of Tico Slang, or Pachuco as they call it here. It's a lot of fun to use, and it definitely makes me feel like less of a foreigner, but this stuff is puro tico, which means most of it only functions here in Costa Rica, so if I go traveling to other Latin countries, I'll be back to square one with the word on the street...

Below is a list of some of my favorite and most popular Tiquismos. This is mostly for those of you who speak Spanish, or people who are coming here or living here now.

Tico/Tica: Costa Rican born male or female.

Pura Vida: Costa Rica's official slogan, locals use it to replace the word, goodbye, your welcome and thank you.

Que chiva: slang for "how cool"

Mae:"buddy" or "man", it is often used to start or end a sentence.

Apretar: to kiss

Al chile? - Seriously

Que me dice? - What do you say? or What's up?

Que es la vara? - What's the deal?

Solo bueno! - Only good! or It's all good!

Póngale! - Hurry up!

Buena nota - A “cool” person

Nada que ver! - Nothing to see! or No big deal!

Zaguate - A womanizer (literally a mutt or a street dog)

Pura vara! - Lies!

Un pichazo - A large blow or a huge hit of something

Que dicha! - How great!

Por dicha - Fortunately

Blanco - A cigarette

Chinga - A cigarette butt

Jetón - Liar

Me presta una teja? - Lend me a buck?

Que vacilón! - How fun!

Que despiche! - What a mess! or What a good time!

Meter yucas - To tell lies

Estar puros dieces – To feel great (literally to be at pure tens)

Clavo - A problem (literally a nail)

No se monte! - Don’t mess with me!

Tumba la vara! - Stop bothering me!

Hay gente para todo – There is a fool for everything

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