Sunday, January 15, 2012

Isla Bastimentos; A Gem

We thought we would stay for 1-2 days but it turned out to be something like 7 days. There is something about Bastimentos that makes you get stuck. while exploring the island a bit, the more I saw the more I liked it. There are amazing beaches you can walk along. Wide, white, empty beaches... Just beautiful. Marisol and I met some great people and ended up having a great time!

Bastimentos town is not more than one street along the sea. A very quiet place where you could enjoy nature, but also hear the heavy reggeaton from the bars and houses! Crossing the tip of the island though (very muddy after the rain...) you get to Wizard beach, which is a beautiful white beach. Not a lot of people are there, and if you continue, you get to totally empty beaches..

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